Our Pastors

FamilyPic1Pastor Jeff and Lauren have been married since 2011, and both come from an extensive background of ministry and service to the Lord in the local church. They have two children: Owen (3) and Sadie (1).

While serving at Living Hope Family Church (RFC’s sending church), Jeff and Lauren led a weekly Life Group in their home, Lauren served in children’s ministry, and Jeff led worship and occasionally preached for LHFC’s Wednesday meetings.

Pastor Jeff first believed in Jesus at age 14 at a retreat weekend, but fully surrendered his life to Christ and was baptized in the Spirit at age 17. Jeff is a bible school graduate, and holds a Master of Theology degree from Global Theological University. Pastor Jeff has a passion for the Word of God, and has a vision to call the church to a deeper and fuller commitment to Christ and to holy living.

Lauren was led to Christ by her mother at age six, but fully committed her life to the Lord and was filled with the Spirit at age 19. Lauren also graduated from Bible College and served in ministry in the local church throughout her twenties. Lauren holds a Master of Social Work degree from ASU. Lauren feels called to help women and children live without compromise, and find their full purpose in Christ.